Lip Reduction

Attractive looks are the blend of several facial features. Lips tend to be the most important part of your face. There are some people who choose to undergo lip augmentation surgery for increasing the size of lower or upper lips while there are others who find their lips to be extremely large. Those who have large lips often feel embarrassed because of the inappropriate size of lips. However, there is solution available for those who have large lips – lip reduction. Lip reduction surgery India helps in decreasing the size of lips in proportion with other facial features.

Candidates forlip reduction surgery

As far as candidates for lip reduction surgery is considered, those who have naturally large lips make the right candidate. This surgery can also be performed on those who are either unhappy or dissatisfied with the outcome of lip augmentation procedure done previously. Also it is important to ensure that the candidate is healthy and does not smoke. In fact, if you smoke, then quit at least a month or two before and after surgery to get best results.

Lip Reduction Surgery Procedure

It is performed under local anaesthesia on an outpatient basis. However, there is very possibility that surgery might be performed under general anaesthesia too in case a patient is undergoing multiple cosmetic procedures. In this type of surgery, cosmetic surgeon makes a horizontal incision on the inner part of the lip and removes excessive tissue and fat deposits before closing these incisions with stitches. Lip reduction India surgery is performed on both lower and upper lip for balancing facial features of the patient and improving appearance.


Though patients experience some side-effects post-surgery, these are minor in comparison to other cosmetic procedures such as eyelid surgery or facelift surgery. Also these side effects subside within the shortest time. Patients will be prescribed pain relief medication followed by surgery. Apply ice bags for minimizing swelling as well as pain. Surgeons also use dissolvable sutures in some cases which mean stitches do not have to be removed later. It might take two to three months for results to be visible.

Lip Reduction Costs

As far as lip reduction cost is considered, it usually depends on the surgery – whether it is just the lip reduction surgery or combination of different cosmetic surgery procedures. Make sure that you discuss with cosmetic surgeon price and other aspects related to lip reduction surgery.