Body Lift Surgery

It is a well-known fact that following strict diet regimes, perspiring at the gym and different kinds of treatment helps in shedding of those extra kilos so that you can achieve desirable levels. However, left behind is sagging skin as well as folds. These are undesirable proof of being overweight. As a matter of fact, the effect is directly proportional – the more weight you lose, the more sagging skin and folds you will have. And, the most worrying part is that these areas are visible from under clothes adding years to even those who are very young.

If you are also facing similar situation and want to get rid of skin sagging then body lift surgery is the right option for you. At Cosmetic Surgery India, we make sure that patients get the most effective and right treatment. Body lift surgery is the combination of different procedures such as tummy lift, breast lift, thigh lift and several other lifts as well as tucks wherever body requires them. This, together, make body lift one of the major procedures. This is why it takes around three to seven hours for completing this surgery.

Candidates for the procedure

People who have had massive weight loss after bariatric surgery or in some other way, have excess or loose skin in different parts of body are the right candidate for fully body lift procedure. The ideal candidate for this cosmetic procedure is one who is physically healthy, has maintained weight for at least a year, understands the procedure, has realistic expectations and is emotionally stable.

Procedure of Body Lift Surgery

This kind of cosmetic surgery is usually performed under general is not performed in a single session. There are different procedures each focussing on one part of a body at a given point of time. Cosmetic surgeon will make incisions in those body parts which can be easily concealed till complete recuperation is achieved. Excess skin, muscle and fat deposits are removed from the areas and incisions will be closed with dressing. Drainage tubes are inserted. The sutures might or might not be dissolvable. No heavy lifting or movement is allowed. Patient might have to wear pressure garment for a week or two. The process of recuperation might take time as body lift is a major surgery. Bruising scars and welling will subside with time. Our cosmetic surgeon and team of doctors make sure timely and quick healing. You can find out about body lift surgery cost in India by dropping us a mail.