Tummy Tuck

Having excessive fat deposits around or on abdomen can affect your appearance and overall look. If you want to get rid of excessive fat and skin deposits from abdomen and restore separated or weakened muscles then you are the right candidate for tummy tuck surgery. The result of this procedure is firmer and smoother abdominal profile. There is no doubt that each and every individual wants to have well-toned and firmed abdomen. When exercise and diet control methods do not help in achieving this goal of flat and smooth abdomen then undergoing tummy tuck surgery India is the best option.

There are many people who, otherwise have fit body but sagging and loose skin on abdomen. For such people, tummy tuck surgery makes for the best solution. Some of the most common reasons for developing protruding belly are fluctuations in weight, aging, heredity or pregnancy including others. As far as results of the procedure are considered, they are permanent however depends on weight fluctuations. It is due to this reason that women who are considering pregnancy in future or people who want to reduce weight are suggested to postpone tummy tuck surgery.

Abdominoplasty procedureComplete abdominoplasty –In this kind of tummy tuck surgery, a cut is made on abdomen from hipbone to hipbone. Then muscle, skin and tissue contouring is done as per the need. Belly button is moved in this surgical procedure. Drainage tubes are placed for a few days followed by abdominoplasty.

Mini or partial tummy-tuck surgery– This type of surgery is apt for those who have fat deposits right below the navel. In this kind of cosmetic surgery procedure, surgeon does not move the belly button. All that it will take is two to three hours to complete the procedure.

Combination procedures – Tummy tuck surgery is a part of lower body lift. Often, the surgery is combined with breast lift, liposuction contouring, breast reduction or even hysterectomy.

There are several benefits associated with abdominoplasty procedure. It enhances the appearance of belly of both men as well as women by removing fat deposits and tightening skin. Pregnancy related stretch marks can be easily removed or eliminated with this procedure. As after surgery, you can walk or run easily, chances are that you will be healthy and fit.

Cosmetic Surgery India is the right destination for people who are considering undergoing abdominoplasty. With us you can be assured to get excellent results as far as tummy tuck Delhi is considered.