All you need to know about Liposuction

All you need to know about Liposuction

Your genetic background and family history influences where your body fat is stored. If your father or mother has fat deposits stored in the thigh, waist, hips and abdomen, chances are that you might also develop fat in the same body parts.

Circumstances of Genetic Fat

  • You might gain weight by development of excess accumulation of fat in the lower part of the tummy, known as pannus. Extra fat deposits might also accumulate in your hips as well as lower back. Despite taking proper measures and adhering to strict diet and exercise, you might not be able to get rid of this fat.
  • You might have a balanced or proper BMI, however, still develop bulges in different body parts. This will make you appear disproportional.

Get rid of additional fat deposit with Liposuction



  • It removes excess fat deposits from the body by suction. Narrow and small tubes with blunt tips known as Cannula are inserted through incisions made in the skin surface. The cosmetic surgeon moves the tubes under the skin for targeting the suction of fat deposits.
  • It is a cosmetic surgery procedure that helps in eliminating deposits of excess fat in different body parts. The procedure removes excess and genetic fat from the body so that you can get the right body shape. However, it does not remove cellulites. Also, it will not tighten loose skin.


There are different types of liposuction methods:

Tumescent Liposuction –In this type of liposuction method, a wetting solution like lidocaine with a local anaesthetic is administered to the patient prior to the surgery.This causes the constriction or shrinking of blood vessels because of which it allows the surgery to be done. There is reduced post-surgery pain and blood loss.


Suction assisted liposuction – Also known as SAL, it is the primary type of liposuction. In this method, fat is drawn out using a vacuum.


Power Assisted Liposuction –It involves the process of SAL with an additional tool for increasing the cannula motion. The entire process is faster.


Ultrasound Assisted Liposuction – The process involves the transmission of energy through a specialised hand piece for melting and loosening of fat. A greater volume of fat deposits can be removed through UAL.


VASER – It is a variation of ultrasonic assisted liposuction in which an ultrasonic with grooves that help in disruption of energy for improving the removal of fat.


Laser Assisted Liposuction

It is relatively a newly developed technology to perform liposuction. In this technique, a laser works like an ultrasound for removing and disrupting fat cells. This much more an efficient way and involves much less trauma.

If you have deposits of excess fat then no longer you have had to worry about your appearance as liposuction surgery can help you regain lost appearance. It is one of the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures in the world. The results of the surgery outstanding. Many women and men who have undergone this procedure were happy and satisfied with the result.  So, if you are considering liposuction surgery then GoCosmeticSurgery can help you. We can help you get in touch with the cosmetic surgeon so that you can get the best results.